5 Cool Hairstyles Men Can Sport In 2012

Men’s hairstyles are a stark contrast to women’s hairstyles. While the female hairdos are short-lived often lasting for a year along with the trend and trend-setters, men’s hairstyling technique evolves with time and in 2012 has taken an all new shape. Though the new-age men’s hair styles owe its roots to the all time season favorites of past decades, it has become a statement for men to style their mane right!

While some of the guys don’t opt for a hair-stylist, a few others are particular about their hairdos. They do notice the hairstyles of their favorite celebs, sports players and pop icons. There are a few others who take a hair-cut as a refreshment or motivation. The hairstyles of 2012 though hasn’t taken a sea-change from yester years, but 2012 styles are more about chilling out and keeping it easy and simple. Here are a few favorite takes for you to check out before you hit the salon.

Take #1- Quiff

The quiff gets an all new definition in 2012. It is best for those who don’t want to indulge in the strict conservatism of a slicked-part and want a hairdo that talks more of confidence with a classic overtone. The resurgence of the quiff as a men’s hairstyle occurred a few years back in the rebirth of all things mid-20th Century Americana and the saturation of the Ralph Lauren cross-Atlantic prep-look-international-appeal. Those into Americana began to look for something different, less polished, with rugged overtones, something that stated the alpha male. What they turned to was an American look that continues to see hiking boots hit the pavement. Now the cool quiff style can be categorized as a slick quiff; great for straight hair or a rock quiff a-la Elvis rock star way. Irrespective of the final look you want, the ground level of the two cuts remains the same. However they aren’t necessarily an ideal hairstyle for those with a receding hairline.

Take #2- Curly Mop Top

For this curly hairstyle what you need is a bucket load of coolness. But it’s not just the cool quotient but also the ability to style the trickiest hairstyles is what is required in 2012. The test here is to maintain the out-of-control curls in style without looking like a nomad. This curly men’s hairstyle works best for those with natural curls that are plenty of length. As with all curly hair in 2012, don’t endure a treatment to make the hair curly. When at the salon, ask for a neat cut in blunt shape and apply a curl cream to create texture in the hair before running a hair dryer through the hair. On the dry hair, use fibre-wax which sticks on without ruining the hair texture. Massage the product in the hair, concentrating in the scalp area. For additional curls invest in a small curling iron or go the natural way and twist the hair around your fingers. Do the latter when hair is semi-wet.

Take #3- Side Part

The slicked side-part is one of the most revived hair styles of 2012 requiring the least of efforts to bring it on. Over the years it has became a hot favorite among men avidly fond of the likes of George Clooney and Adam Sean, who make us feel that age is just a number! This handy hairstyle can work as a classy businessman by day and reads urbane by night. The side part is not only making a strong statement this season, it is also democratic. However this hairstyle has become much of a look of the younger folk than the older ones. This hairstyle is ideal for men with relatively straight hair as the hair is more likely to sit flat. The ones with curly hair can straighten and then stylize into it. For a wet slicked look you can apply hair gel before parting the hair and then work the product with a comb all through the hair strands. For a natural matte finish look remember to part the hair first, spray some hairspray on a brush and gently comb through the top layers of the hair. This will resist flyaway strands.

Take #4- Short Curls

While 2011 was the onset of a new decade and fresh trends, 2012 will be more of an exploration of the same giving masculinity a new edge. While many of you wish to go for latest chemical straightening techniques, the ones with curly tresses will prefer to keep it pretty natural an affair. Entangled, interlocked, and messy, a curly hairstyle is the one that not only connotes a relaxed lifestyle but also is an easy-to-sport look. It’s an ideal take for those naturally curly, or at least those with a head of seriously wavy hair. Don’t try and fake curls as this is a hairstyle that will work with natural, curly hair only. As styling is essential here, lock the frizzy ends with a curl controller cream. Stay away from hardening gels as they solidify and give a brittle look to the curls.

Take #5- Buzz Cut

The truth is most guys prefer a low-maintenance hair style that will also make them look good round the clock. The buzz-cut or the first wash and wear style is perhaps the easiest one to chose and also a craze among all the David Beckham fans. It’s the quintessential hyper-masculine cut that emphasizes the strength and power. The result is a man who exudes confidence and is comfortable in his own skin. You can sport this clean cut without getting fidgety about your tresses. Also when your scalp starts getting visible due to onset of hair-loss and it’s tough to hide those patches, step out and go ahead with this neat cut. To sport the look, remember to trim your hair often at regular intervals.