5 Unique Ways to Use Leftover Nail polish

Female fashionistas can never have enough of nail paints for themselves and end up hoarding a fortune out of them. For those of you who are wondering what to do with the stacked unused yet live nail polish bottles, here are a set of things you would prefer to take up to empty your colorboxes. If you can’t do anything to your paint it and put away habit, you can atleast utilize the leftovers in a unique fashion. Check out some easy ways to use the paint.

1. Paint Your High-heels: If your lovely high heels are fading out of color, use your leftover bottles to update those shoes for the next season. This will help you cover the offbeat patches and won’t reveal the damage done. While painting the shoes, be thoughtful about the quantity of paint you have and the common patches on both the shoes. Don’t put a second layer unless not required.

2. Makeover Your Bags: If you got bags old/new that need a shiny look and match your wardrobe collections, bring out some bright colors and try patterns on the thing. Paint across the length and breadth of the body making patterns and adding novelty to its look. Your handbags will never look the same before and the color is sure to stay long!

3. Customize Your Jewelry: You can also change the look of a necklace, ring, or earrings by covering faux jewels with a pop of color, like neon green, orange, or pink, to create your own do-it-yourself version of accessories. Simply lay the accessory flat on a paper towel and begin to paint. Make sure to dry the objects before use.

4. Create Artifacts: Let your creations run high. Bring home some exquisite pottery, metal objects or revitalize the look of old accessories with metallic nail paints. Color and customize them to change and modify the mundane look. You can also get some ethnic artifacts and decorate them with lovely hues which were otherwise left unused.

5. Use for Protection: Prevent new, fake jewelry from tarnishing. When air hits the metal, it oxidizes it and changes its color. Since clear lacquer locks out the air, it helps keep your costume jewelry looking new. Note: This will not work on already-tarnished accessories.