Top 5 Android Internet Speed Booster Apps

Being an android owner, the first thing that you expect from your android device is fast performing internet connectivity. When you experience a slow internet connection, it is obvious for you to get irritated. In viewpoint of the necessity of fast performing internet connectivity, several apps have been designed for android users.

The android internet speed booster apps suggested below will help significantly speed up the internet connectivity of your device, also improve the signal receptivity. The best thing of these android internet speed booster apps is that they can be downloaded freely.

Speed Booster Internet Booster

The Speed Booster Internet Booster app acts as a turbo booster to speed up your internet connection. This app works to free up your critical CPU resources which reduces the system’s speed. The app also effectively refreshes your network speed to improve the performance of your device significantly.

Internet Booster

The Internet Booster application helps to boost up your internet connectivity by 25-50%. This is one of the best android internet speed booster apps that can boost MTU, clear DNS cache, change android files settings and speed up the downloading process. You can open websites faster and can play online games more smoothly.

Internet Speed Up Booster

With the Internet Speed Up Booster  application, you can make your network work faster than ever. All you need to do is download the internet booster app and install it in your android device. The app analyzes 3G and WiFi connections in your device and accelerates it just by one click. The app helps speed up your internet transfer rate up to 17%. It also works amazingly with your Wi-Fi.

Network Speed Booster

The Network Speed Booster app serves to speed up your internet connectivity simply by renewing the server connection. It renews your internet connection to cell sites to give you much improved signal reception and a better internet connectivity. This helps you enjoy increased data speed and better browsing experience.

Faster Internet 2X

The Faster Internet 2X app helps increase your internet speed almost twice of its current speed. The app uses special scripts to improve your internet speed and even improves the signal reception significantly. This app is compatible on all android devices and runs smoothly to enhance the internet performance of your device.

Photo Courtesy: Skynetcusco