How to Become a Millionaire without a College Degree

Millionaire without a college degree! Does it sound impossible? Perhaps Bill Gates is the perfect example of a person who reached the pinnacle of success despite having no college degree. There are a dozen other names of achievers in their own fields who are yet to get a college degree, like Oprah Winfrey, Richard Branson, Steve Jobs, Steven Spielberg, and the list goes on. If you closely look at each one of them, they are icons who have not only carved out a niche for themselves but also have created an empire which manages thousands of employees. The only thing that they had with them is grit and determination to succeed. If you too have the same willpower, then here are at least 5 ways which can help you become a millionaire without a college degree.

Be an Entrepreneur with Panache

If you look at the career graphs of many successful business magnates, you will hardly find any of them having a Harvard degree. You can begin with a small idea like repairing and upgrading computers. If you know your job, you can get many clients who will rely on your competency to get their computers running again. Slowly, but surely, you can widen the scope of your business and involve some more gritty people like you. It won’t take much time for your popularity to spread, and with the right kind of business acumen, you can become a successful entrepreneur and earn millions. If you still are not convinced, take a look at Michael Dell!


If you are good at many things, then exploit it. You should believe that you can do it, and even if you start by making small invitation cards, you can grow to be a millionaire. There are many people who want customized invitation cards and your efforts at helping out in a family affair can have your neighbors and friends demanding your service. You can also spot a profitable opportunity and buy off someone else’s collection and get it sold off on Ebay. It won’t be long before you will be having your own retail business. Make some web applications which people haven’t thought of till now and there will be no limit to your success. Look at Cameron Johnson for inspiration!

Learn the Power of Networking

You might have a flair for designing microchips. Even if you don’t have the formal education in computer science, your intuition and curiosity will help you grasp things easily and you can design chips with great dexterity at home. Try to get some freelance projects, do your research and you can make a name for yourself. It will not be easy convincing people but you need just one chance to show them what you are and can do. Within no time, you can be a millionaire. Ask Jeri Ellsworth if you are not convinced!

Be a Successful Blogger

Some people are born writers. They can write from their heart and poems, verses and stories flow from their minds without much problem. With the Web reaching out to all the people around the world, it won’t be long before you become a celebrity. Besides writing, you must also understand how to cash in on this flair of yours through the Internet. You can write what interests you the most or try to find out what people like to read the most. If people love reading your blogs, then you can become a man of millions within a few years. For inspiration, look at Matt Mullenweg.

Recycling of Waste

With so much being said about preserving our environment, you can work on this aspect to get rich too. Organic waste can be a great help in helping plant growth as most people know. But since not everyone has the time or the intention to collect organic waste in the backyard and create something useful from it, they prefer to buy packaged organic waste from the stores. A little bit of foresight, intelligence and marketing skills can get you selling waste and becoming a millionaire because of it. Tom Szaky can tell you more about it!

You have to be terribly good at something to make it into a profitable venture. A college degree is of no need when people will appreciate your skills. Tremendous will power and the power of knowledge can make you a millionaire without a college degree!


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    I really want to Recycle Junk and be a millionaire. And I don't need to dropout of any college. I need to dropout of my profit making business.