How to Celebrate “Take Your Dog to Work Day” in Style

Every dog has his day and June 24th happens to be a common day which is celebrated by dog lovers as the “take your dog to work” day.

It is funny that even though we live among our loved ones, a dog still happens to be man’s best friend. And this makes it even more justified that we should applaud their dedication to mankind.

Workplaces also open their doors to welcome the pets into the office on this day. This is done to celebrate the importance of dogs and to inspire people to adopt more pet dogs. But since not all people in the office will take kindly to the idea, you should make sure that the presence of your dog does not cause any offence in general. Here are some tips to avert any mishaps.

Keep the Dog on a Leash

Since everyone comes to the office to work, they might get alarmed to find a dog climbing onto their desk when they are least prepared. If you bring your dog to work, keep it in your room and don’t allow it to take the rounds of the office unless it is on a leash. If you have other dog lovers in the office, they can come to your room to meet your dog.

Install a Baby Gate

You may want to keep the dog in a particular area of the office. It might cause problems if the dog escapes to the other parts of the office unattended. With the help of a baby gate, you can restrict the movement of the dog in a particular space where it can be free to roam.

Keep Away From Toilets and Dining Rooms

To maintain the hygiene of the office, you should restrict the dog from escaping to the dining hall or the toilets and bathrooms. Even if your colleagues are happy with the presence of the dog, you should keep your pet away from these areas.

Observe the Mood of the Dog

The pet will not understand that it is the “take your dog to work” day and may be in a completely different mood on that day. It may not like being taken to the office. You should observe this and return it to its comfort zone as soon as possible. Otherwise, it will only get irritable and spoil the office atmosphere.

Hire a Pet Sitter

It can be a good idea to have a professional pet sitter in the office on this particular day when many of the workers will bring their dogs in. If you plan the event, the visit of the dogs to the office might be more enjoyable and the work atmosphere too will not be disturbed. The pet-sitter will help to keep the dogs engaged.

If you love your dog, you will surely love to flaunt it in front of your friends and colleagues. But try to make sure that everyone looks forward to the day and enjoys it as much as you.