How to Dress Up Like a Nerd


If you look around in your class, there is sure to be a nerd among you. It will be very difficult to drag him away from his books and he will be terribly obsessed in getting the best grades in the class. There will be a faraway look in his eyes and he will be totally oblivious of the fun and frolic which should be one of the main ingredients of school and college life. Ask him anything about academics and you can expect a very prompt answer but if he has to ask a girl out on a date, it can be the most difficult issue in his life. Nerds have a typical way of dressing and you will sometimes wonder what makes them look this way. In fact, they are so immersed in their books that they can hardly think about wearing trendy clothes or designer accessories. If you have a fancy dress party to attend and want to look like the typical nerd then here are a few tips, how to dress up like a nerd.


  • If you consider your basic clothes first, then you must cover your body with a full-sleeve shirt and pants. This will cover any tattoos that you have inked as a fashion symbol. Nerds can have nothing to do with fashion and so tattoos need to be hidden from view. The shirt should have buttons in front and a pocket too. A pocket protector will make you look still more authentic. Thin belt and long socks will also do the trick.
  • Your hair should be kept simple and might even be subdued with gel. Avoid using hair colors and keep the hair as natural as possible. Ginger hair can be the typical nerd style and so have it if you can. Otherwise, blondes or brunettes will do too. The nerd does not spend time in a beauty salon so cut out the trendy and stylish haircuts. Use gel to tame your hair and look demure if you are a girl.
  • Since the intention is to look as less inspired by fashion as possible, you should keep the makeup out if you are a girl. No lipsticks and no foundation, rouge, mascara or eyeliner. You don’t have to look sexy or attractive and impress the guys. You should be interested in making the other nerd guys like you. This can be done by academic excellence and not fashion and style. If you want to look nerdy, then there should be no makeup or any trendy accessories too.
  • Designer bags are out and a backpack is the constant companion of a nerd. To look like a nerd, you should have a backpack to carry the laptop, books and other study materials. After all, you should be ready to take out your books or laptop the moment you have free time for yourself. People should believe that you are really adept at reading and researching all the time.
  • Thick, horn-rimmed glasses will make you look like the classic nerd. These glasses add a look of perfect wisdom and will also make you feel intelligent and scholarly. They can add the final touch to your getup as a nerd.

You can be sure that if you pay attention to these tips, you can look like the perfect nerd. If there are any prizes in the fancy dress party, then you really have a great chance of winning.