How to Stalk Her on Facebook

Can you control yourself from checking the current status of your old fame, high school crush or your ex-colleagues? As Facebook has become an online meeting platform for millions of individuals, many people are getting chances to secretly stalk on other members. As puts it, “Facebook Stalking, like regular stalking, allows the stalker to secretly gather information about the person they are interested in.” Also, when the other person is posting information and details on a popular social networking website, she may not mind others knowing about the things happening in her life. If you are new to Facebook stalking, here are some simple ways to gather updated information about your ex-girlfriend or old flames.

1.Find the Person on Facebook

When you decide to stalk another Facebook user, you have to find out whether is she is maintaining a profile on the social networking website. Type her full name in the Search text box appearing at the top of your home page. Once you discover her on Facebook, send her a friend request to be a part of your friends list. When a person’s name is included in your friends list, you can easily get notifications about her latest status updates and activities without putting any additional effort.

2.View the Facebook Profile

If your friend request is not accepted by the Facebook user, you have to visit her profile frequently to know about her recent activities and updated status. However, you have to consider yourself as a Facebook stalker when you read the status messages of the other users on a regular basis. The regular visit to her profile will be further helpful in viewing the recent comments and updates posted by her. But you cannot access her complete profile without being on her Facebook friends list, if she has implemented the privacy options offered by the popular social network.

3.Check Her Recent Activities

Facebook offers a set of smart features to check another user’s recent activities and interests by posting on your wall or through newsfeeds. In addition to the status updates, you can even track the comments posted on the person’s wall by her friends and contacts. Whenever you see suck posts appearing on your Facebook wall, click on the link to visit the real post and see the associated details and comments. You can further know the new friends accepted by the person who is being stalked.

4.Browse through Her Photos

There are a number of Facebook stalkers who prefer to view the current images of other users rather than her recent activities and interests. These people want to know about the current whereabouts of the person based on the recent photos posted on her Facebook profile. The photos also help in forming an idea about her current friend circles and the people she loves to hangout with. However, you cannot access her entire photo albums, if she has selected some of the privacy options offered by Facebook to restrict access to the posted images.

5.Implement Some Precautionary Measures

In addition to implementing the stalking techniques, it is also very much important to exercise some amount of caution to remain undetected by the member. You should avoid stalking on a Facebook user from your cellular phone as there are always chances of clicking on a wrong image or link. Similarly, you should be careful not to like or post comments on the status or photos of the other members. It is also very much important to draw a line between the dos and don’ts while stalking your ex-girlfriend or old flames on Facebook.