How to Trust Your Husband Again

Although it can be emotionally draining, you must pull yourself up and think of giving your marriage another chance. Find out how you can start trusting your husband again.

It seems like yesterday when you came home early from your overseas trip. Wanting to surprise your sleepy husband, you used your spare key to get into the house and tiptoed into the bedroom. The scene which met your eyes shook the ground under you. Your supposedly devoted and loving husband was in bed with another woman. The pain that struck your heart threatened to kill you but somehow you managed to get a hold over yourself and walked out of the house.

It might have been some time since this incident occurred and your husband may have apologized profusely for the act. But it is extremely difficult to forgive him and start life afresh. However, when you are head-over-heels in love with your husband, you tend to give your marriage a second chance. So how can you trust your husband again?

  • Find out If He Has Severed All Ties with Her – The first step which will help you trust your husband again is if you believe that he has severed all ties with his new girlfriend. It is natural for your ears to perk up or you may also glance through the contents of his pocket to find telltale signs of his being with her. He too might be interested in showing that he has no contact with her anymore and may even tell her this over the phone. When you are sure that he no longer meets her, you may start believing in your relationship again.
  • See If He Showers Love On You Again – There is no better therapy than love. Your husband may try to win back your love by being totally committed to you. He will dote on you, take you out for dinner, bring you surprise gifts and pamper you like never before. Although you might feel suspicious in the beginning if he tries too hard, but slowly you may feel that it is all genuine. It will help you trust him again.
  • Think If He Is Transparent with His Actions – If your husband really wants to win you back, he will try to show his accounts and other details to show that he has no links with her. He might even give a total account of his time spent during the day. If he shows you his bills and a history of his call records, you can see that he is actually being true to you. It might help you to trust him again.
  • Discuss the Affair with Him – There is no reason why you should hold yourself back when you talk about her. It is very important that you find out why exactly your husband felt the need to go to her. Were you no more accessible, no more physically attractive or did he feel neglected by you? Once you find out the reason why your marriage was on the rocks, you can think of rectifying it and building the bridges again.
  • Accept and Move On – It can hurt your ego tremendously when you find out that your husband has cheated on you. You begin by blaming yourself, then him and finally the situation. You must accept that he had an affair and that it is over. You must find the will power to get on with life. Since he is willing to be the loving partner again, let your emotions take over and forgive him. It can be the greatest way to start all over again.

It is very difficult to trust your husband again when he hurts you emotionally with his affair. But if you love him enough and are willing to give your marriage a second chance, you will learn to forgive him and trust him again.